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If you believe you can learn but so far you haven’t been given right opportunity to prove your real potential you have finally found a right place for you!
Our PRO Koders courses are your best chance to accelerate your career!


We believe in each one of our students and do our best to teach them skills of the future. Our experienced teachers will look after you, understand you and help you to discover your true potential that has been in you for many years. Now it’s the best time to share it with the World! Don’t wait anymore.


If you still cannot make your decision about joining Pro Koders courses let us give you some facts that might make your decision easier:

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Trust Us

We know that a great majority of our students do not have professional IT skills. We know how to look after people like you!

We will help you to
CHOOSE course for YOU

If you don’t know the difference between Short and Regular courses, Java, Python, Cyber security and others it is OK. Do not worry. Let us talk to you and together choose the best path for you!

We will give you
THE BEST value for money!

Our courses are COMPLETE and we do not cut corners. We only offered well designed, testes and delivered courses. We cooperate with the technology schools from Europe to make sure you get the best possible program! This is our job.

Why Us?

Koding Next is an organization that delivers best possible Tech education based on the market needs and availability of the latest tech resources. Our motto emphasizes our true belief that ‘Anyone can learn coding and technology’ given right educational program delivered by the best teachers. 

We are a group of educators and technology enthusiasts who constantly search for the best ways to teach coding and technology. We have been present on the market since 2017 and we have grown to a strong team of over seventy employees.

In the course of few years we sold over five thousand courses to students age four until fifty-five. We believe there is no maximum age limit for our students.

PRO Koders by Koding Next is the only technology school in Indonesia that offers SHORT courses (10-30 hours) and PROFESSIONAL bootcamps (250-350 hours)

PRO Koders Short courses are offered to all adults age sixteen and more who want to learn particular IT skills needed in their professional life. How can successful business owners not know how to make Static and Dynamic websites or design own e-commerce platforms? How can an employee not know how to make Android Apps, 2D and 3D designs and more?

 Professional bootcamps offered by Koding Next give all graduates priceless skills needed in the IT sector. Our offer is directed to the students, professionals, employees, business owners as well as business organizations looking for a reliable training partner offering them the best technology courses. 

We have partnered with one of the largest coding schools offering professional boot-camps in Europe- Coders Lab and top European specialist on cyber security- CyberSkiller Academy. We are proud to be chosen as their partner in South East Asia. It’s a great honor. 

 Both our Short Courses and Professional bootcamp do not require individuals to have pre-existing technology knowledge. In addition, they equip graduates with skills that will make them stand out on the market.


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